SMS-gateways Polygator based on OS Linux

SMS-Gateways Polygator represent universal hardware platform for SMS.


Due to intensive usage of SMS communication in business, its cost is of utmost importance. Is there any way to cut the communication costs? The way exists and its name is SMS/GSM gateways.

SMS/GSM gateways may hold one or several SIM-cards of a mobile operator (just like in a typical mobile phone).

SMS-Gateways Polygator

Polygator is a European company specializing in development and manufacturing of telecommunication equipment.

Polygator company develops and manufactures GSM-Gateways since 2000. Product line includes small, medium and high capacity SMS-gateways as well as advanced remote SIM-management solutions.

Polygator G8 SMS-gateway for 4/8 SIM-cards – is the most compact model. This portable device is easy to setup and it is highly reliable operating 24/7. It supports SMPP protocol multi-accounts, Email-to-SMS, SMS-to-Email, etc.

sms gateway polygator g8
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For bulk-SMS companies the number of channels is a key factor. The more channels in the gateway, the more SMS are sent simultaneously. Polygator SMS G20 includes SMS-gateways for 4/8/1 2/16/20/24 SIM-Cards. This device allows scaling step-by-step with extension GSM-Cards.

sms gateway polygator
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Polygator SMS K32 is the x86-processor based device capable of 8-32 concurrent SMS-threads. Inserting 32 SIM-cards into the 32-channel unit will provide 32 concurrent sending/receiving flows. Polygator К32 model is based on an industrial computer chassis and includes SMS-gateways for 8/16/24/32 channels. Scaling is possible with PCIe/PCI GSM-cards.

8-32 channel sms gateway Polygator K32
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Polygator manufactures SMS-Gateways for GSM and WCDMA networks. SMS-Gateways may be either connected to an existing SMS-Server either operate as standalone SMS-Server.


PCI-express/PCI GSM-cards are the way to extend SMS-gateway K32 since it has free slots available. At the same time these boards able to serve as Asterisk GSM cards and provide SMS-functionality via Dialplan or via SIP/Simple protocol. As a result, such GSM card transforms an ordinary computers into various kind of SMS-gateways (depending on installed driver and software).

PCI-e PCI Gsm card Polygator

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Application and benefits

  • Individual and Bulk SMS. In addition to calls – SMS is modern and universal media channel.
  • SMS termination.
  • Embedded IP-PBX Asterisk with SMS-functionality.
  • Scalability and openness for adding Linux-software such as Kannel, SMS-Server Tools etc.

Warranty – 2 years. Free technical support – 1 year.