SIM-server software implements a concept of remote SIM-card management.

Minimal configuration of SIM-server based system includes at least one SIM-bank and one SMS-Gateway. SIM-banks are special devices for holding hundreds of SIM-cards. GSM-Gateway is any compatible GSM-device including VoIP-GSM gateways, SMS-gateways etc.

SIM-cards in SIM-bank are ready for allocation via SIM-server SIM-server to be accompanied with Sim-bank

Placing SIM-cards in a SIM-bank makes them available for remote allocation to any SMS-Gateway specified in SIM-server software. All tools for managing SMS-GSM devices, setting up SIM-server operation mode and tuning SIM-card allocation rules are available via Web-interface. Scalable SIM-server architecture allows adding dozens of SIM-banks and SMS-Gateways easily to single deployed copy of the software.

Gsm-gateways Polygator are ready for SIM-server

Geographical location of SIM-bank devices and SMS-Gateway devices is not important for system to work. Devices may share the same room either stay in different countries. The only condition is a common address space supporting TCP/IP protocol for all SMS-devices as well as for server with “SIM-server” deployment. Examples of such address spaces include the Internet, local networks, VPN, etc.

Allocating remote SIM-card to SMS-Gateway’s channel is performed either automatically, either by issuing an API-command.

Some features of “SIM-server” software include:

  • Web-interface for all settings and administration
  • Ability to be installed on any Linux-server
  • Easily scalable architecture with web-based adding SMS-gateways and SIM-banks
  • Displaying statuses of connected devices
  • Support for up to 99 SIM-banks (equal to 99 х 200 = 19800 SIM-cards)
  • Displaying SIM-cards list and statuses
  • Automatic and semi-automatic mode of operation
  • Interface for API-commands
  • Simulation of realistic SIM-card behavior (Human Emulation)
  • Automatic recharge of SIM-card balances
  • Choosing the mode of automatic balance checking

Some SIM-card related settings include:

  • Duration for a SIM-card to stay in mobile network per a session
  • Daily total duration of all SIM-card sessions
  • Minimal delay between sessions
  • Individual IMEI-code for registering in mobile network
  • Multiple criteria for SIM-card allocation in channels of SMS-gateways


SIM-Server software accompanies any related hardware and will be installed remotely on your Linux-server free of charge.

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