SMS-Gateways application
– SMS bulk sending and receiving
– Corporate/commercial SMS-server
– SMS-server with SMPP, HTTP, AT-command, Email-SMS and other SMS-protocols support
– Two-way messaging solution
– Advanced SMS-based solutions
– Automated SMS-notification systems
– SMS-Server executing scripts/tasks/web-calls on incoming SMS/Calls
– SMS termination

PC VoIP-GSM Boards (PCI, PCI-e, with native Asterisk module) application
– GSM-connectivity for Asterisk based IP-PBX/VoIP/SIP-servers
– Asterisk-based SMS-server
– DIY GSM-gateway with unlimited quantity of channels

SIM-Management hardware application
– Managing hundreds of SIM-cards from a single point
– Increase SIM cards protection against potential damage or theft
– Testing mobile operator network
– Open API for custom integration
– Human emulation / SIM-travel solutions (calls, SMS, Web, BTS)
– Virtual SIM / Remote SIM solutions