To send SMS via HTTP by means of the Polygator G20 / G8 GSM gateway, a number of conditions must be met.

The HTTP request to the GSM gateway URL is to be made by POST-method. This request specifies HTTP headers, data for authorization and the data of the message itself, as well as its parameters.

URL for SMS sending: http://IP-address-of-gateway/admin/f101.php

The following is an example of setting up a Postman software client ( to send SMS messages.

Authorization type “Basic”, the data for authorization coincide with the data for authorization on the web interface of the gateway.

gateway send sms http postman authorization

The login and password used to access the Web interface of the gateway are used as authorization.

HTTP headers

gateway send sms http postman headers

Message data and parameters

gateway send sms http postman fields

RKNUM – the number of the radio channel (the numbering starts with the digit 0).
TEXT – the text of the message.
sms_type – the field with its presence specifies the type of the message UCS2, on – confirms its use. Other possible variations of the name and value of the field are: sms_8bit = on, sms_7bit = on, sms_flash = on.
NUMBER – phone number of the message recipient.
enter_bt – necessary to simulate the click of the “Send” button.
sms_ack – request for confirmation of delivery.

SMS sending via HTTP protocol

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