SMS gateway hardware from Polygator for small, medium and large business

hardware sms gateway polygator g8SMS gateway hardware (also called SMS-servers, SMS-GSM gateways, SMS-box) can be connected to corporate network or Internet. Companies can send text messages to many users directly via mobile / cellular networks, thus ensuring reliable and timely delivery of information. It allows to increase performance and efficiency, while reducing operational costs.


Low-cost SMS-communication system

Polygator series sms gateway automates time-consuming operations and speeds up sending single or bulk text messages.This is done while using low GSM rates for sending messages from mobile to mobile as well as special tariffs for SMS services for corporate networks for cost-effective message delivery.


Easy-to-use software interface

SMS gateway Polygator is accompanied with an easy-to-use software interface, which allows you to setup hardware for connecting third-party applications to send and receive SMS messages.


Protecting customer data from misuse or abuse by third parties

sms gateway hardware - polygator g20As SMS Gateway hardware is located at the customer site, there is no need to transfer mobile phones data to third-party service providers or SMS centers. This allows you to keep all information private, secure and send SMS directly through operators cellular communication.


This is ideal for banks, financial and credit institutions, as it prevents unauthorized access to the customer database and customer mobile numbers. This also helps ensure the highest confidentiality and integrity of the customer data.


Features of the SMS Gateway hardware system


– capacity of 4 to 32 GSM channels per device, but you can use many devices


– Bi-directional text (SMS) messages

– per-channel antennas

– optional gsm-combiner for reducing antennas quantity, making antennas longer and amplifying signal strength

Connectivity options:

– IP / TCP interface

– Serial port



– Available in two sizes: 1U x 19 “, 4U x 19 “

Management and control:

– Remote via web interface

– Local serial port


Simple and quick installation of SMS Gateway Hardware

sms gateway hardware - polygator modelsSince SMS gateway devices have great flexibility, modularity and scalability, they can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Companies of any size, information centers, wholesalers of SMS-services and other service providers can easily expand these cost-effective systems in accordance with the increasing demand for SMS services.

SMS gateway hardware 4/32 SIM-cards

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