receive sms online for free live-demoReceive SMS online with Polygator GSM-gateway hardware. In order to demonstrate the inbound SMS feature, we provide the page for receiving SMS online for free. The page lists some GSM-numbers. The Polygator GSM-gateway have these SIM-cards currently inserted.

Demo-link: Numbers to get SMS online for free – Live-DEMO

The automatically-updated page shows lists of inbound SMS received. Feel free to send SMS to these numbers.

There are various ways how GSM-gateway Polygator is able to forward incoming SMS. Setting up various methods of SMS-handling and SMS-forwarding is described in user-manual at Polygator WIKI The SMS-gateway supports standard SMS-protocols and able to work standalone as well as in connection with specialized SMS-software.

Receive SMS using following methods (but not limited to):

– SMPP message
– Email message
– Event-script (bash, PHP, etc.)
– AT-command connection

Receive SMS also via:

– Gateway WEB GUI
– System Log-files

This public page intentionally modifies the sender’s number to protect your privacy.

Receive SMS online for free – Live-DEMO

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