In this example, the GSM card Polygator PCI-Express with 8 GSM-modems is located in the server with IP-address

gsm card pci-e Polygator SMS and VoIP

A Linux driver is installed on the server. Due to the driver, modems are defined in the system as a set of serial ports. To provide access to GSM-modems via TCP / IP, we assign each modem an unique TCP / IP port number using the ser2net utility.

For example, the addressing of GSM channels is configured using the ser2net utility as follows:
1st channel (modem) – port 30000
2nd channel (modem) – port 30001
3rd channel (modem) – port 30002
4th channel (modem) – port 30004

Example of the configuration file of the ser2net utility:

30000: raw: 600: / dev / ttyPG0: 115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT
30001: raw: 600: / dev / ttyPG1: 115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT
30002: raw: 600: / dev / ttyPG2: 115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT
30003: raw: 600: / dev / ttyPG3: 115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT

Accordingly, in order to reach GSM-ports by AT-command, you need to connect to the following addresses:

1st channel –
2nd channel –
3rd channel –
4th channel –

For a test connection, let us use the free utility Hercules by
1) Let’s check the presence of connection to GSM-port number 1 (TCP / IP port 30000). Connect to the port 30000 by typing in IP and Port data in the right top corner and clicking “Connect”:

hercules utility connects ethernet modem polygator gsm-card

The port opens successfully.

2) Let’s check if there is a connection with the GSM-module by sending the command “AT”:

hercules utility at command fail ethernet modem polygator gsm-card

There is no answer from the module.

3) Install the SIM card and check again:

hercules utility at command success ethernet modem polygator gsm-card

We see the service information received from the GSM-port during the registration of the SIM-card. Then re-submit the command “AT” (marked in yellow) and this time we get the answer of the GSM-module “OK”. Free the port 30000 by clicking “Disconnect” in the right top corner.

Adding GSM-port as gateway “GSM Modem Gateway” to the program Diafaan:

diafaan software connects ethernet modem polygator gsm-carddiafaan software connects ip-address and port of ethernet modem polygator gsm-card

The Diafaan program connects to the port the same way. Here’s what you’ll see if the GSM port does not have a SIM card when you press the Test button:


diafaan software tests ethernet modem polygator gsm-card - failThe result of pressing “Test” with the SIM card installed in the GSM-port:


diafaan software tests ethernet modem polygator gsm-card - success

Here is how ready-for-use GSM-port in the Diafaan program looks like:

diafaan software ready to use ethernet modem polygator gsm-card

Similarly, the other channels with port numbers 30001, 30002, 30003, etc. are added.

Here is how the program windows looks like with the configured 4 ports (9_0 to 9_3) and 4 disabled ports (9_4 to 9_7).


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